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NESSANew England Schools Sailing Association
NESSANorth East Shiloh Shepherd Association (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America)
NESSANew England Sanitary Supply Association (Milford, CT)
NESSANear Eastern Studies Student Association (University of California, Berkeley)
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As she works with her best friend, Bree, and her werewolf boyfriend, Luc, to save the wolves, Nessa is thrown into a tailspin.
Although it was cute couple Gavin and Stacey, played by Mathew Horne and Joanna Page, who were intended to be the stars, really it was the overweight, eccentric Nessa and Smithy who stole the show.
Later, Andre is seen at the beach with ghost Rhonda and she tells him that he's the most ruthless of the Lyon brothers and if he makes Nessa a star he'll be in control.
But the character of Nessa will pop up at the Porthcawl Pavilion on November 18 for Nessa and Friends Push the Boat Out for Porthcawl RNLI, with a solid gold line-up of Welsh entertainment greats.
Meanwhile, Audrey opens her heart to Rita about the fact she should have been more proactive in winning Ken's heart; Nessa offers to stay the night at his place, and Amy plays her granddad's new girlfriend like a fiddle.
Nessa, who lives in the Bangladesh district of Chittagong, says she has been struggling to get food and to educate her kids for the past two years.
of the of the week week PPLAYING the complicated Nessa Stein, in BBC's The Honourable Woman, Maggie Gyllenhaal took power dressing in her perfectly tailored stride.
And in the lead role of Baroness Nessa Stein, an Anglo-Israeli businesswoman who wants to span a raging divide with communication cables laid between Israel and the West Bank, Maggie Gyllenhaal delivers the most nuanced yet full-bodied performance you could hope to see.
Aside from featuring a top turn from Ms Gyllenhaal as Nessa Stein, the series has also given Andrew Buchan one of the best roles of his career as her brother, Ephra.
THE HONOURABLE WOMAN (9pm BBC 2) THE first instalment of Hugo Blick's defiantly enigmatic new thriller left us with a sackful of questions regarding Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal), inset, and soon to be retired spy Hugh (Stephen Rea).
Now, Nessa (Maggie Gyllenhaal, above with Andrew Buchan) receives a mysterious phone call from a man who is threatening to divulge vital secrets about her.