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million and adjusted net enrollment rate from 72% to 77%, total gross enrollment of all sectors & levels
Chairperson National Commission for Human Development said that, though government of Pakistan has taken steps to improve education and improvement is observed as decrease in out of school children, increase in Adjusted Net Enrollment Rate in Primary Education from 72% to 77% and increase in education facilities as well.
Did you know that the net enrollment rate for elementary was 91.
6 million and adjusted net enrollment rate from 72% to 77% during the last three years alongwith increase of students in the public sector schools, she added.
The net enrollment rate in this province at the primary level is 54 percent.
Our net enrollment rate has been improved to 2% for girls in past two years.
The end-goal for the Tanzania-based programme will help the country move from where it currently is, with a 34 per cent (approximately 1m students) net enrollment rate for pre-primary education, to at least 75-80 per cent in the new plan period.
Although the net enrollment ratio for lower secondary education is 34 percent in Sindh Province, a higher percentage than the national average, the net enrollment rate for girls was merely 17 percent (2013/2014).
Adjusted Net Enrollment Rate (ANER) in Primary Education.
In Sindh, the female-male primary net enrollment rate ratio in rural areas also increased from 61 percent to 72 percent in 2007-11.
In 2010, the primary net enrollment rate was 91%, which places Jordan above the regional average, while youth literacy (age 15 to 24) is close to 100%.
The net enrollment rate in elementary schools will remain at above 99 percent, and the number of students graduating from compulsory education will reach 93 percent of the total enrollment.