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"Approximately 550,000 sq m net leasable area is expected to be delivered on and near Al Shamal Road.
Moore House contains 149 apartments in a mix of studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom flats or duplexes spread over nine floors, amounting to a net leasable area
The Sjosiden Senter mall in Mosjoen, northern Norway, has 29 stores and net leasable area of 6,513 sq m.
A sizable number of malls will enter the market within the next two years, increasing total retail NLA (net leasable area) supply by 34 percent.
He said three out of the four IT companies with confirmed leases are holding office in the building, which has a net leasable area of 29,628 square meters.
Each tower has a total of 17,900 square meters of net leasable area, with the first tower scheduled to open in the first half of 2019.
With 58,618 square meters of net leasable area within the Century City estate in Makati, Century Diamond is the biggest office property asset so far in CPG's portfolio.
In addition to the newly-launched free zone warehouses and LIUs, Kizad Logistics City's products also include industrial zone warehouses with a net leasable area of 119,000 sq m.
740 Dupont Avenue is a mixed-use retail residential development project with a net leasable area (NLA) of approximately 181,000 square feet.
Abu Dhabi: Masdar City aims to grow its tenant base nearly fourfold by 2020, and to expand the net leasable area available within the Free Zone by around a third (32 per cent) every year over the next four years, the low carbon city, which hosts top institutions like International Renewable Energy Agency, announced on Thursday.
The property is newly constructed completed in November 2014, has 539 square meters of net leasable area, and currently is 95.8% occupied.
Following completion of the project, scheduled for the third quarter of 2016, net leasable area at the mall will be doubled to 60,000sqm.