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This comparison reveals that households in the four lowest income brackets (deciles) cannot purchase a three-or-more room home anywhere in Israel without exceeding 30% of their net monthly income. If households in the fifth and sixth deciles limit themselves to spending no more than 30% of their income, they will have to make do with a three-room home far from the high-demand areas--in the north, the south, Haifa, or the Krayot--and that purchase is contingent on their being able to make a down payment of NIS 180,000-205,000.
I understand that in high-cost areas, families are spending 40 percent to 50 percent or more of their net monthly income on housing.
The solar penal loan would also be for the businessmen aging between 25 to 65 years with minimum net monthly income of Rs 50,000 and have minimum three year business experience, he maintained.
If your net monthly income is over PS1,245 and you have a deposit then this Hamford style home may be affordable for you.
Not only was his net monthly income just 1,200, but his university had not paid a single eurocent of the arrears it owed since 1984 despite being ordered to do so by Italy's Supreme Court.
The typical average net monthly income for over-55s in Wales has increased 17% since the end of last year from PS1,221 in December 2012 to PS1,428 in May 2013.
Rules for personal loans - including credit cards - cap total monthly payments at one-third of net monthly income. Loan maturities cannot exceed five years.
"It is impossible to send those in need to the Eskan (Housing) Bank because they can't afford loans if their net monthly income is less than BD400.
Across the UK, the average room rent is pounds 365 per month - 21.9% of the average UK net monthly income (pounds 1,665).
As well as your selling costs, you will need to know your net monthly income to fund a bigger mortgage, should you be planning to move up the property ladder.
Only 20.87% of those interviewed (20.76% men and 20.97% women) have a net monthly income per family member over 700 lei, the lowest percentage being found in this case among those under 20, i.e.
Top five countries for the net monthly income of accountants Country Median net monthly income (rated on PPP) Peru $3,741 Brazil $3,671 South Korea $3,517 US $3,370 UK $3,333 An article on CIMA's research into members' pay will appear in the December issue.