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NOPNot Otherwise Provided (for)
NOPNaval Operations
NOPNatural Organic Products (USDA classification)
NOPNational Organic Program (USDA)
NOPNo Operation (computer processor instruction)
NOPNotice of Preparation
NOPNoordoostpolder (formerly Noord-Oostelijke Polder)
NOPNorth Olympic Peninsula (Washington)
NOPNational Opinion Poll (UK)
NOPNumber of Payments (loans)
NOPNaval Ordnance Plant (US Navy)
NOPNaval Officer Procurement (US Navy)
NOPNo Operation
NOPNetwork Operations Plan
NOPNo Problem
NOPNotification of Payment
NOPNatural Oil Polyol
NOPNotice of Privacy
NOPNumber of Parameters
NOPNotification of Pregnancy (Indiana Medicaid)
NOPNational Ocean Policy
NOPNew Orleans Paddlewheels (New Orleans, LA)
NOPNature, Origin, Purpose
NOPNet Open Position
NOPNot Our Problem
NOPNormal Operating Procedures
NOPNotice of Project (Ontario Ministry of Labour, Canada)
NOPNuclear Operations
NOPNetwork Operations Plan (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)
NOPNormal Operating Pressure
NOPNorth Orbital Pole (astronomy)
NOPNeighborhood Oriented Policing
NOPNozzle Opening Pressure (Diesel Injection Systems)
NOPNet Operating Profits
NOPNon-Owner Participant (Alliance Contracting)
NOPNaval Oceanography Program
NOPNoord-Oostelijke Polder (now Noordoostpolder)
NOPNuclear Ordnance Platoon (USMC)
NOPNetwork Output Processor
NOPNet Orders Processed
NOPPurchases by Bureau of Naval Personnel (US Navy)
NOPNuclear Operating Plan
NOPNot on Planogram (target)
NOPNon-WIS (WFP Information System) Payment
NOPNearly Office Puppy
NOPNavy Objectives Plan
NOPNavigation Operating Procedure
NOPNobody On Patrol
NOPNot Optimized Properly (programming)
NOPNetwork of Power (gaming)
NOPNumber of Polymorphic Models
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A bank's net open position is its aggregate exposure to foreign exchange risk.
Thus, domestic inflation risk on the net nominal position is to a large extent the obverse of foreign exchange risk on the net open position.
When business resumed [in January 2014] and after a review of what happened in the market between December 17 and January 12, when net open position was zero, the Committee of Governors met and decided that we should review the net open position upwards to 0.
The RBI also needs to order banks to cut speculative trades as it had done in December 2011 when it had ordered them to reduce their intraday net open positions by 50- 75 per cent.
The new SAFE regulations will attempt to curb this trend by imposing, for the first time, limits on net open positions held by Chinese banks with foreign-currency loan/deposit ratios (LDRs) exceeding 75 percent and by foreign banks with LDRs above 100 percent.
The city's de facto central bank has told local banks that their net open positions (NOPs) in yuan, or bets on the currency's future movement, were no longer limited to 20 percent of their assets or liabilities denominated in yuan.
The RBI had placed limits on the net open positions that banks could hold overnight as part of measures to restrict any 'speculative behaviour,' the report said.