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NORNorman (Amtrak station code; Norman, OK)
NORNotice of Race (sailing)
NORNorth of the River (Bakersfield, CA)
NORNorwegian (language)
NORNot Or (electronic logic gate)
NORNormal Position
NORNormal Operating Range
NORNotice Of Revision
NORNo Original Research (Wikipedia)
NORNot Ordinarily Resident (various nations)
NORnot or
NORNotice of Readiness
NORNew Ohio Review (Ohio University; Athens, OH)
NORNumber on Roll
NORNitric Oxide Reductase
NORNucleolus Organizer Region
NORNucleolar Organizing Region
NORNet Operating Result
NORNorth of Range (Installation and locations north of the Alaskan Range Army)
NORNormal Order Reduction (lambda calculus reduction strategy)
NORNavy Outdoor Recreation (US Navy)
NORNo Operation Replacement (computer programming)
NORNot Otherwise Rated
NORNissan OffRoad
NORNatural Object Recognition
NORNon-Operating Reefer (shipping industry)
NORNATO Operational Requirement
NORNot Operational Ready
NORNaval Oceanographic Requirements
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This was a decline over a net operating result of DKK88.5m in Q1 2018.
Fourth quarter and full year revenue and net operating results from the company's UNIX/NT business were significantly improved in 1998 over the prior year's periods.
Such costs were deferred if it could be demonstrated that probable future net operating results would be sufficient to recover the deferred costs.
This creates a larger return on an insurer's invested assets, and allows the company to continue or improve net operating results with less contribution from the underwriting of insurance.
The city has experienced surplus net operating results each year since fiscal 2010, resulting in an increase in reserve levels over that time.
Net operating results for non-core segments decreased USD141 million from the prior year quarter driven by significant items in the company's corporate and other non-core segment
Net operating results for our non-core segments decreased $77 million from the prior year quarter driven by an $83 million after-tax charge related to the application of retroactive reinsurance accounting to adverse reserve development ceded under the 2010 Asbestos and Environmental Pollution (A&EP) Loss Portfolio Transfer.
Significant deterioration in the company's risk-adjusted capitalisation or net operating results falling short of the agency's expectations would be negative rating triggers.
Net operating results for our non-core segments decreased $145 million from the prior year quarter, driven by results in our Life & Group Non-Core segment.
The net operating results for the prior year reflect a gain on a settlement with a contract manufacturer of USD1.4m, net of a tax provision of USD0.9m, or USD0.16 per diluted share.
In addition, its management has implemented a number of important initiatives designed to improve net operating results. The company's reorganised management team has demonstrated its commitment to returning Michigan Millers to underwriting profitability through tighter pricing and more selective underwriting strategies.
AM Best notes, in addition to the company's adequate level of capital, the rating affirmations are due to State Mutual's profitable, but fluctuating, net operating results over the past five years.