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NPRNotice of Proposed Rulemaking (Federal Reserve Bank)
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NPRNet Profit Ratio
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The above table shows that Net Profit ratio (Mean =0.3019, SD=0.32377) has the lowest skewness (0.563), and Operating Leverage (Mean = 1.8963, SD= 4.71445) has the highest skewness (3.754).
"If the net profit ratio for a business falls outside the relevant range it could be a sign that some of the figures on the business owner's tax return are incorrect, which could prompt further investigation from HMRC.
An inter and intra comparison of profitability of the pharmaceutical companies is measured in terms of the important ratios such as, (A) Gross profit Ratio (GPR); (B) Operating Profit Ratio (OPR); (C) Net profit Ratio (NPR); (D) Return on investment (ROI); ((E) Return on Capital Employed (ROCE); (F) Return on Equity (ROE).
H-7: Short-run profits in the respective previous years as measured by the net profit ratio and operating profit ratio has a positive impact on its profitability.
For measuring financial appraisal of paper industry in Andhra Pradesh important ratios have been adopted and computed, such as debt-equity ratio, interest coverage ratio, fixed assets to net worth, fixed assets to long-term funds, fixed assets turnover ratio, trends in net working capital, size of inventory (component wise) , inventory turnover, size of trade debtors, turnover and collection period or trade debtors, cash and bank balance to current assets, current ratio, quick ratio, net cash flows to current liabilities, coverage of current liabilities, cash turnover ratio, return on investment, Gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, net profit as percentage to shareholders' funds.
The company attributed its higher earnings to a 77 per cent increase in annual revenues as well as a 60 per cent improvement in the net profit ratio compared to 50 per cent in the previous year.
But smaller independents, with annual sales below $100 million, posted an average net profit ratio of 1.45%.
Not only did the lower price bring in more than twice the total orders and just about twice the net profit ratio, but the percentage of pay-ups was higher.
* Don't rely on Net Profit Ratio (NPR) comparisons entirely.
In this case it was pretty much a wash: The 1C mailing did return 14 percent more orders, but the net profit ratio was one penny more than the 3C mailing.
"I do believe that net profit ratio (NPR) is a more important indicator to look at than response rate.