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NRPNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Research Park
NRPNeonatal Resuscitation Program
NRPNational Response Plan
NRPNational Reading Panel (US Department of Education)
NRPNational Registry Paramedic (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)
NRPNational Research Program
NRPNatural Resources Police (Maryland)
NRPNational Religious Party (Israeli Political Party)
NRPNationally Registered Paramedic (various organizations)
NRPNeighbourhood Renewal Programme (various locations)
NRPNevis Reformation Party (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
NRPNon-Removable Pin (construction plans; hinge type)
NRPNon-Resident Parent
NRPNorwich Research Park (UK)
NRPNational Reconciliation Party (Gambia)
NRPNational Reform Party
NRPNissan Revival Plan (Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.)
NRPNeighborhood Revitalization Plan (various locations)
NRPNational Republican Party (Sierra Leone)
NRPNon-Unit-Related Personnel (US DoD)
NRPNew Renaissance Party (political party; Japan)
NRPNational Radio Project (Oakland, CA)
NRPNode Route Processor
NRPNational Route Program (US FAA)
NRPNational Reconnaissance Program (US)
NRPNew Rights Party (Georgia)
NRPNetwork Resource Planning
NRPNew Republic Party (South Africa)
NRPNavio da República Portuguesa
NRPNational Recycling Partnership (Washington, DC)
NRPNegotiation and Resource Reservation Protocol
NRPNylon Reinforced Plastic
NRPNon Resident Pakistani
NRPNeeds-Related Payment
NRPNormal Rated Power
NRPNetwork Routing Processor (Cisco)
NRPNormalized Received Power
NRPNuclear Reactor Plant
NRPNavigation Reference Point
NRPNet Rating Point
NRPNAVAIR Reserve Program
NRPNet Retail Price
NRPNationality Rooms Program
NRPNational Roaming Partner (UMTS)
NRPNon-Regional Pronunciation
NRPNational Release Point (used in CTL ACTD program)
NRPNested Reservation Protocol
NRPNonregistered Publication
NRPNetwork Radio Protocol
NRPNon-Ranger Personnel
NRPNeutral Range Pressure
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57 per liter on both the bottled and canned variants of SML, which have net retail prices of P47.
Machine-packed cigarettes are now classified into two instead of four tiers-those with a net retail price (NRP) of P11.
Aquino also vetoed provisions directing the National Statistics Office (NSO) to determine which major supermarkets have the highest annual gross sales in Metro Manila from which the net retail price of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes shall be determined for purposes of the law.
The collection from distilled spirits would be a mix of (an excise rate of) P30 and 30 percent on the net retail price, which Drilon said was "a combination of specific and ad valorem.
He said extra revenue from fermented liquor would be based on a "two-tier system for products" with different net retail prices.
Distilled spirits with net retail price (NRP) of less than P90 will have a P20 tax while those priced between P90 and P150 will have an P80 tax; those between P150 and P250 will have a P160 tax while those with a net retail price or more than P250 will be taxed P320.
For wines, those with a net retail price of not more than P500 will be taxed P250 while those whose net retail price is more than P500 will be taxed P700.
For beer and other fermented liquor, the current three-tier regime will be collapsed into two tiers using the per liter net retail price cutoff at P50.
The health secretary was referring to the current system where cigarette brands are classified into three tiers-low, medium and high-based on a net retail price survey done in 1996.
The same set of beneficiaries could likewise buy National Food Authority rice from "accredited" retail stores in the amount equivalent to 10 percent of the net retail prices, up to a maximum of 20 kg per month.
57 per liter for both the bottled and canned variants of SML, which have net retail prices of P47.
It will be recalled that these brands were already classified by the BIR based on their current net retail prices in 1999 through a market survey.