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NSVNet Sales Value
NSVNullsoft Streaming Video
NSVNationalistische Studentenvereniging (Belgium)
NSVNo-Scalpel Vasectomy (Chinese puncture technique)
NSVNetwork Services (UNC Greensboro)
NSVNull Soft Video
NSVNoise Shaped Video
NSVNon-Segmental Vitiligo (skin disorder)
NSVNoise Shaped Video (Sony)
NSVNew Sudan Vision (newspaper)
NSVNational Survey of Veterans (US VA)
NSVNew Southern View (online magazine; Mississippi)
NSVNon-Synchronous Vibration (aerodynamics)
NSVNatural Stone Veneer (various companies)
NSVNominal System Voltage (electrical management)
NSVNon-Scale Victory (weight loss forums)
NSVNational Security Vetting (UK)
NSVNational Sozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (German)
NSVNode Support Vehicle
NSVNetted Secure Voice
NSVNormalized Standard Variance
NSVNonsynonymous Variant (variation in genomic sequence)
NSVNon-Stryker Vehicle (US DoD)
NSVNutrition Sport Vitality (UK personal training)
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Petroleum's production and net sales value also plunged by 23 and 29 percent, respectively, in May 2015.
The sum of (a) total net sales value of production, (b) total net sales of merchandise, and (c) other earnings derived from operation of the business.
2) Rely on the latest generation of business forms that equates a manufacturer's net income to the net sales value of production.
It also contends "(The) petitioners' net sales value decreased by 23 percent from 2000 to 2002, and by another 24 percent from the periods January to June 2002 (and) January to June 2003.
Net sales value increased in both 1994 and 1995, however, although not to 1991 or 1992 levels.
The license agreement provides that Ajinomoto will pay a royalty based on a percentage of net sales value.
The amount of gross earnings for insurance recovery in manufacturing is the sum of total net sales value of production, total net sales of merchandise and other earnings derived from business operation.
Manitou Group's net sales value rose by 3% in 2015 to reach $1.
It accounts for some 12% of the company's net sales value.
It accounts for some 12% of the companya[euro](tm)s net sales value.
Net sales value of production is the result of subtracting the expenses in step E from gross sales value of production for manufacturing companies.