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In incomplete distal RTA, net acid excretion is maintained at a rate equal to acid generation.
We measured renal net acid excretion (RNAE) directly using a validated research method [20, 21].
Abbreviations AA: Amino acid ALM: Appendicular lean mass AA-MF: Amino acid medical foods BMD: Bone mineral density BSAP: Bone-specific alkaline phosphatase DXA: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Ca : P: Calcium-to-phosphorus ratio GMP-MF: Glycomacropeptide medical foods NTX: N-terminal telopeptide PAH: Phenylalanine hydroxylase PE: Protein equivalent PRAL: Potential renal acid load RNAE: Renal net acid excretion TBS: Trabecular bone score UL: Tolerable upper intake level.
It maybe possible that she also had a component of proximal RTA that resolved over time; however, experimental studies have shown that chronic use of amiloride does not necessarily lead to negative values in net acid excretion over time thereby contributing less to maintenance of metabolic acidosis [17].
According to common literature, ammonium excretion increases within a few hours after acidosis induction and thus is the primary component of the increase in net acid excretion [19, 24, 28-31] which was proven in several experimental animal studies.
Halperin, "How much 'new' bicarbonate is formed in the distal nephron in the process of net acid excretion?" Kidney International, vol.
"Persons consuming a diet based on animal protein have higher kidney net acid excretion and more acidic urinary pH than persons on a plant-based diet.
The importance of renal net acid excretion as a determinant of fasting urinary calcium excretion.
Eat a standard modern diet, and your kidneys again assume the burden, this time with an increase in net acid excretion.
Other measures included renal net acid excretion and urinary calcium--both indicators of how much calcium was excreted from the body.
Urinary net acid excretion correlated inversely and significantly with changes in BMD.
(23) further demonstrated significant urinary calcium, urinary sulfate, and net acid excretions in an animal protein-rich diet relative to ovo-vegetarian and vegetarian diets.