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NMNew Mexico (US postal abbreviation)
NMNautical Mile (6,080 feet)
NMNever Mind
NMNot Meaningful
NMNetwork Module
NMNear Mint
NMNuclear Medicine
NMNo Matter
NMNational Monument (Park Service)
NMNetwork Manager
NMNot Much
NMNetwork Management
NMNature Medicine
NMNorthern Michigan
NMNightmare (gaming)
NMNicki Minaj (musician)
NMNew Millennium (NASA)
NMNight Moves (Tom Clancy novel)
NMNew Moon
NMNo More
NMNo Mercy (wrestling event)
NMNelson Mandela
NMNorthwestern Memorial (Chicago, IL)
NMNational Match (rifle)
NMNot Marked
NMNot Measured
NMNuclear Materials
NMNuestro Mundo (Spanish: Our World; various locations)
NMNew Man
NMNational Merit (scholarship)
NMNiccolo Machiavelli (author)
NMNetMeeting (Microsoft)
NMNet Metering (energy installations)
NMNear Miss
NMNunca Mais (Galician: Not Again, political group)
NMNarcissistic Mother
NMNumerical Method(s)
NMNaval Magazine (US Navy)
NMNeutrophil Migration
NMNegra Modelo (beer)
NMNewton Meter
NMNothing Much
NMNecesita Mejorar (Spanish: Needs Improvement)
NMNotorious Monster (Final Fantasy XI gaming)
NMNewtonian Mechanics
NMNemaline Myopathy
NMNoise Monitoring
NMNice Move (online gaming)
NMNo Migration
NMNet Manager
NMNavigation Module
NMNeighbourhood Management
NMNice Match (online gaming)
NMNo Mark
NMNight Message
NMNoregs Mållag
NMNeomail (Neopets)
NMNational Means
NMNablus Municipality (Palestine)
NMNo Molestar (Marco Antonio Solis CD)
NMNormal Meter
NMNoise Media (band)
NMNoyce and Moore (NM Electronics; pre-Intel Company named for founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore)
NMNeedless Markup
NMNice Moon (card game Hearts)
NMNoites Marcianas (Portuguese Talk Show)
NMNormal Manifold
NMNonaka Myopathy
NMNo Materia (gaming)
NMNitronium Perchlorate
NMNanoKiero Media (Canadian media company)
NMNudist Meeting
NMNon-Overlapping Multi-Carrier
NMNo Message character
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This year, NCSEA is working with the state legislature to create fair net metering and interconnection rules.
These standards include net metering, fuel efficiency, fuel diversity, time-sensitive retail rates and smart metering, and distributed generation (DG) interconnection procedures and policies.
Queen's Park is proposing a "net metering" regulation, which would give credit to customers who generate their own power from renewable sources for excess electricity.
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects information on green pricing in a survey of electric industry participants, and reports key facts and trends in "Green Pricing and Net Metering Programs 2003." For example:
Net metering is a policy in effect in many states that requires public utilities to credit solar-energy producers for the energy they send out to the utility grid.
Two years ago, E reported that 23 states mandated some form of net metering. Today, 38 states and the District of Columbia permit it.
Ron Richmond, net energy-metering administrator for Hawaiian Electric Co., has received approximately 60 inquires on net metering since the statute was enacted.
Summary: New Delhi [India] June 6(ANI/NewsVoir): South Delhi Municipal Corporation's (SDMC) Punjabi Bagh decentralized waste processing biogas plant is the first plant to install net metering. Till now the net metering concept had been successfully implemented in rooftop solar, this is for the first time wherein a biogas based decentralized waste to energy project is working on the same concept.
Anyone who followed the progress of raising the net metering cap from 1 megawatt to 5 megawatts last year knows that Governor Sununu vetoed that 2018 bill (Senate Bill 446).
Addressing a seminar on 'Net Metering', organised jointly by the Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) and Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) here on Tuesday, he said that initially the government was focusing on the schools which were running without electricity.
UAE-based SirajPower has announced its PV project portfolio under net metering in Dubai has reached 50 MW.
A positive role has also been played by the government, which is now pushing for more solar energy with friendlier net metering rules and improved regulatory regime.