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NPVNet Present Value
NPVNegative Predictive Value (parameter of diagnostic examination in medicine)
NPVNational Popular Vote
NPVNaperville (Amtrak station code; Naperville, IL)
NPVN-Port Virtualizer
NPVNegative and Positive Values
NPVNo Par Value
NPVNormalized Pulse Volume (biology)
NPVNational Park Village (Estes Park, CO)
NPVNomura Phase4 Ventures (UK)
NPVNet Pore Volume
NPVNitrogen Pressure Valve
NPVNo Present Value
NPVNon-Precision Approach with Vertical Guidance
NPVNode Path Vector
NPVNoise Predictive Viterbi
NPVNo-Point Zone
NPVNew Product Venture
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For example, Table 1 shows that in both examples, an individual in period 1 will be willing to pay $2 for the $2 improvement in that period; the sum of the net present value of the period 1 improvement at period 0 ($1.94) plus the period 0 willingness to pay is greater than the net present value of the improvement in lifetime endowments in both cases.
For example, Table 3 indicates that the net present value of local uses of the mangrove forests by a small coastal community such as Tha Po Village are around $632 to $823 per ha.
Further, other benefits of the transaction are expected cash tax benefits of an estimated USD16m annually, with a net present value of about USD150m, associated with a section 338(h) (10) election that creates a depreciable/ amortizable "stepped-up" tax basis (to fair market value) in some Taylor US assets; targeted synergies of over USD15m; EPS profitable within the first year of acquisition; Middleby Debt to EBITDA leverage ratio after transaction will be under 3.0 times by end of 2018; expected interest cost of LIBOR + 1.625% at transaction close; and estimated annual non-cash depreciation and amortization of USD25 to USD30m.
The payoff time is the duration it takes for the net present value of all cash flows to add up to zero (or a positive value) [Tiet11].
However, if we include the insight that "[competition between investors creates a tendency for the net present value of an investment project to equal zero" (Fuller, 2013, p.
In order to compare GSHPs to conventional technologies, various financing scenarios were developed and energy consumption and savings, itemized cost, average installed cost, simple payback period, net present value, and cost of saved energy (CSE) were calculated.
Analysis is used to predict coal consumption rate, overall thermal efficiency, mass fow rate of steam through boiler, and Net present value (NPV) of plant for given load.
In conjunction, Perrigo expects to receive a tax benefit from the acquisition, the net present value of which is estimated to be approximately USD20m.
The bank said, 'As a bank, we don't do any financial engineering on restructured accounts and follow straight line method to calculate the net present value.'
The firm reported a 63 percent increase in the net present value of future net revenue attributable to proved reserves, amounting to USD145.8m, compared to USD28.1m in 2010.
The purchase price of the company is approximately USD400m in cash, which is said to represent a multiple of 9.5 times adjusted EBITDA and estimated net present value of tax benefits from tax deductible goodwill.
14 November 2011 - Oslo-listed and Sweden-based miner IGE Resources AB (OSL:IGE) said today that an updated preliminary economic analysis (PEA) showed an estimated net present value of USD1.045bn for the Ronnbacken nickel project.