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Net Protein Utilization (NPU): The mean values of NPU for various products are presented in Table 2 and show that there is a significant difference (P[?]0.05) among various treatments.
Values with different alphabets in the columns differ significantly (p[?]0.05); D1= Diet prepared from unleavened flat bread (100% whole wheat flour); D2= Diet prepared from unleavened flat bread (16% partially defatted flaxseed flour); D3= Diet prepared from unleavened flat bread (12% full fat flaxseed flour); TD= True digestibility; NPU= Net protein utilization; PER= Protein efficiency ratio; BV = Biological value
Pigs fed control + 2.5 g/kg clay showed no differences in apparent digestibility of nutrients (CP, GE), metabolic rate of GE (ME/GE) and net protein utilization (NPU) as compared to pigs fed the control diet (p>0.05, Table 3).
This implies that for human adults, net protein utilization values for diets of most sources are similar, but much lower than would be predicted," states WHO/FAO.
Nitrogen balance assay: The procedure described by Eggum (1973) was used to assess the effect of gum arabic and carrageenan (cellulose as a reference) on apparent protein digestibility (APD), apparent energy digestibility (AED) and apparent fat digestibility (AFD), metabolizable energy (ME), true protein digestibility (TPD), biological value (BV), net protein utilization (NPU).The following equations were used to calculate the parameters of the diets:Statistical analysis: Each determination was carried atleast six times and analyzed in triplicates, and figures were then averaged.
Protein efficiency ratio, feed efficiency ratio, percent weight gain, net protein utilization, food conversion ratio and specific growth rate were calculated to compare the growth of fish in different treatments.
Protein quality has been evaluated by different methods and has been expressed in various parameters such as protein efficiency ratio, net protein utilization and biological value.