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A standard bale of cotton has a net weight of 480 pounds.
Import duties on aircraft with a net weight between 90 and 120 tons will be canceled in Russia, said the government's press service on Tuesday.
Indeed, the net weight gain for the two groups was significantly less with sibutramine (Meridia) for the first 2 years--0.6% vs.
With a net weight of 126,1041b and linear scale feedback on all axes as a standard feature, the Mycenter-HX 1000i has accuracies of [+ or -]0.000079", full stroke, and repeatability of [+ or -]0.000039".
It is available in 12-ounce net weight cans that employ a special high-delivery valve to optimize application.
The SP1 release offers such features as the Tare Weight Driver, which allows users to compare the post-fill weight of a container to the pre-fill weight to determine the net weight of the contents, and n OPC Device Driver enhancement for I/O and user configuration
Andrew Tilley, principal trading standards officer at Wiltshire County Council who wrote the Drained Net Weight report, said: "It is clear that the packers haven't got their systems under control.
Last year's total net weight received for distribution was 3.6 million pounds.
The jar has a net weight of 24.5 oz and jar holds 23 fluid ounces.
Pic-Nic's meals are sold through several supermarket chains, where consistent net weight is important.
It accurately weighs and remembers the net weight of the sieves and receiver before sieving.