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NWCNorthwestern College (St. Paul, MN)
NWCNorthwestern College
NWCNational Water Commission
NWCNetwork Computing (Magazine)
NWCNorthwestern College (Orange City, IA, USA)
NWCNorthwest College (Powell, Wyoming)
NWCNoteworthy Composer (computer program)
NWCNaval War College
NWCNetware Client Service
NWCNetware Cluster
NWCNetwork Controller
NWCNative Windows Control
NWCNintendo World Championships (video game competition)
NWCNet Working Capital
NWCNational War College
NWCNorthwest Corner (location in an intersection)
NWCNational Whistleblower Center
NWCNaval Weapons Center
NWCNew World Computing
NWCNuclear Weapons Complex
NWCNetwork-Centric Warfare
NWCNuclear Weapons Council
NWCNeighbors Who Care (Sun Lakes, AZ)
NWCNational Water Council (Pakistan)
NWCNascar Winston Cup (auto racing)
NWCNational Waterways Conference
NWCNuclear Weapons Center
NWCNational Watch Center (US FEMA)
NWCNews World Communications (Unification Church)
NWCNational Water Carrier (Project)
NWCNorthwest Coalition
NWCNapoleonic Wargame Club (est. 1998)
NWCNational Woodie Club (wood-bodied cars and trucks)
NWCNational Water Corporation
NWCNorthern Web Coders (German blog)
NWCNorthwest Chess
NWCNew World Computing, Inc
NWCNational Women's Caucus (political group)
NWCNorthwest Consulting (Murmansk, Russia)
NWCNorthwest Composites (Aircraft Composite Manufacturer)
NWCNot Worth Considering
NWCNorthside Women's Clinic, Inc
NWCNational Western Club (National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO)
NWCNumber of Wavelength Conversions
NWCNorthwest Company, Inc. (Montreal Fur Traders)
NWCNational Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool
NWCNeighborhood Work Center
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MNH's net working capital increased to EGP 1,02bn from its previous posting of EGP 785,81m; overall assets were reported at EGP 2,518bn.
Their data indicate that affiliates in low tax jurisdictions have higher net working capital positions than do other affiliates.
5 million plus net working capital would be paid in cash at closing and $4.
AN INVESTOR WHO IS WILLING TO follow the value school of investing should consider eight factors in selecting securities (or mutual funds), including price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-cash flow ratio, price-to-book value ratio, dividend yield, private market value, adjusted net working capital, insider buying and stock repurchases.
The accounts receivable turnover (days), inventory turnover (days), net working capital turnover rate, and return on assets indicators were used to measure the effectiveness of the working capital management.
The share of net working capital as a percentage of revenues remained broadly flat at negative 10.
The purchase price excludes adjustments for net working capital acquired, the buyer explained.
s major independent power suppliers (IPS) to commercial and industrial retail customers, for $800 million, plus nearly $100 million of net working capital at closing.
At the end of 3Q14, Ashford Trust said it had net working capital of USD 547m.