NetSATNetted Search, Acquisition and Targeting (Undersea Littoral Warfare)
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According to Marni Ehrlich, CEO of NetSat Express, "This is a very significant contract for NetSat Express.
"NetSat Express was the right choice for us," said Al Harbi's President Nasser Ben Nahit.
Netsat announced it plans to invest the ambitious sum of $500 million on telephone operations in Venezuela over the next year and a half.
However, according to internal estimates, INNOVA has more than 50,000 subscribers in Mexico, and in July NetSat reported more than 38,000 subscribers in Brazil.
NetSat Access is a high-band-width connection direct to the U.S.
Globo Organization has a controlling stake in satcaster NetSat, which operates the Sky service and, with 471,000 reported subs in March 2000, is ahead of rival Galaxy Brasil's DirecTV.
NetSat, the Globo subsid that runs the Sky service, has 473,000 gross subs vs.
The government has so far granted cable and MMDS licenses to just 478 of Brazil's 5,507 towns, and in many locations the operations are still in the construction phase, while NetSat's Sky is in about 4,700 towns.
NetSat, which is owned by Organizacoes Globo (54%), News Corp.