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NETBEUINETBIOS Extended User Interface
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This is achieved by supporting a variety of protocols over standard networks including: Microsoft Windows NT and OS/2; SMB (Server Message Block) over TCP/IP or NetBEUI, Novell; NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) over IPX (Internet Packet Exchange), Unix; NFS (Network File System) over TCP/IP via UDP (User Datagram Protocol), Macintosh; AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) over TCP/IP and Web Browser; HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) over TCP/IP.
In addition to Unix and Microsoft hosts using the Internet protocol to communicate, base networks carry a large volume of traffic using proprietary and legacy protocols including Novell IPX, Microsoft NetBEUI, DECNET, VAX dusters and others.
The local area network utilises both IP for internet access and printing and Netbeui for internal file sharing protocols.