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NETONational Environmental Training Office
NETONew Employee Technology Orientation (course)
NETONortheastern Educational Television of Ohio
NETONorth East Timing Organization
NETONational Education Telecommunications Organization
NETONational Engineering & Technical Operations (Comcast)
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However, it is known that polyculture efficiency depends directly on the crops and management involved, thus requiring complementary interaction between them (Bezerra Neto et al.
Of course they have a big star in Claudia Neto who is a fantastic player and doing very well in Sweden.
Para 22474, simultaneamente o nome da serie e o numero de arquivo do negativo original de Benoliel, Jose Luis Neto vai olhar para esse negativo, isolar cada um dos presidiarios ali representados e fotografar esse fragmento no negativo original, voltando, depois, a fotografar o negativo do negativo, e o negativo do negativo do negativo, aumentando o tamanho da face de cada presidiario.
Neto represents the snake as a sinuous line, a form that is present in other works as well.
De lo anterior se desprende que el monto neto no corresponde con la cifra de 2 millones 243 mil pesos, como se dice en la carta, y que el director de Pemex gana mas que el presidente de la republica.
With Neto at the heart of their defence, Al Habtoor worked to precision.
Cravo Neto is not merely an ethnographer documenting locals, but a participant in a swirling, captivating world in which he seems to feel perfectly at home.
Contact Point(S): Comune Di Rocca Di Neto Provincia Di Crotone Stazione Unica Appaltante
Costa-Lima Neto is interested in tracing the group's and Pascoal's creative process through apprenticeship, offering the following observation by Hermeto: "When a musician enters my group, generally he knows how to play an instrument.
In this capacity, Neto will assume the responsibilities for the channel business in Brazil and Argentina and complete responsibility for our business in Mexico, Columbia, Chile and Peru.
The new entity will operate as Joseph Neto and Associates, a Lerch Bates company, for an interim period of time.