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NETOPSNetwork Operations
NETOPSNuclear Emergency Team Operations
NETOPSNaval Engineering Training and Operating Procedure and Standard (US Navy)
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During the past 12 years of deployments in support of OEF/OIF, our Signal Soldiers have fallen in on an established fixed network and infrastructure with a host of Field Service Representatives who have largely performed NetOps functions that in the past were performed by Signal Soldiers.
Scheduled for full operation later this year, IS3's SATCOM NetOps Services employs a global distributed network of sensor sites equipped with Integral Systems' world-class SATCOM NetOps Management products: Monics, used for RF signal monitoring; and satID, for interference detection and geolocation.
NetOps is not intended to replace institutional practices of information assurance and computer network defense but to enhance them through a comprehensive process of protection, monitoring, detection, analysis, and response.
Founded in 1994, with headquarters in Pleasantville, NetOps is a provider of network management, monitoring and analysis services that increase network availability.
However, just as one cellular company pictures a single user backed by a myriad of employees needed to present and maintain the best user experience, NetOps is complex and it will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.
According to Joint Publication 6-0 Joint Communications System, NetOps is defined as "activities conducted to operate and defend the Department of Defense Information Network" formerly known as the Global Information Grid.
Newly deployed WIN-T NetOps capabilities are supporting S6s in theater as they facilitate the planning, initialization, monitoring, management and response of the network.
To support the NetOps environment community, a task force of NetOps stakeholders led by the Army CIO/G-6 recently defined services for the NetOps Trail Boss in four priority areas: Security Supporting Infrastructure Defense, Information Technology Asset Management, Service Management, and Spectrum Management Operations.
NETOPS is the Signal Regiment's core competency/critical task which supports defense of the LWN.
Contract Awarded for NetOps Division Strategic and Functional Support Services task order in support of the Mission Assurance (MA) Directorate and NetOps Division