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NENebraska (US postal abbreviation)
NENew England
NENew Edition
NENational Education
NENo Evidence (school grading system)
NENiger (ISO country code, top level domain)
NENeuchâtel (canton postcode, Switzerland)
NENet Energy (animal science)
NENewcastle Upon Tyne (postcode, United Kingdom)
NENational Enquirer
NENo Escape (Gaming clan)
NENight Elf (Warcraft III)
NENight Elf (gaming)
NENueva Ecija (Philippines)
NENash Equilibrium (game theory)
NENicomachean Ethics (Aristotle)
NENuclear Envelope (cell anatomy)
NENode Element
NENitro Express
NENutrition Educator
NENaval Engineer
NENeutral Evil (gaming)
NENocturnal Emission
NENavy Enlisted
NENecrotic Enteritis (enterotoxemic disease of poultry)
NENetwork Essentials
NENaked Empire (Terry Goodkind book)
NEOperation Noble Eagle
NENot Estimable
nENach Elfmeterschießen (German soccer)
NENavy Enterprise
NENavio Escola (School Ship, Portuguese Navy)
NENavy Evaluation
NENew Technical Environment
NEOccupation Special Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NENatural England (UK)
NENeuss (German city)
NENitzer Ebb (band)
NENoise Equivalent
NENuclear Energy
NENew Entrant
NENetwork Element
NENeuenburg (Neuchâtel; Swiss Canton)
NENot Examined
NENeutrophil Elastase
NENot Evaluated (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category)
NEnot enrolled
NENot Equal
NENuclear Engineer
NENeuquen (Argentina province, airline code)
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Gall, Geneva, Basel City, and Neuenburg, also opened the bar to women before 1914.
By the river Enz in the little town of Neuenburg, in the northern Black Forest, you will find four new buildings that at first are difficult to classify.
77) At that very moment, crowds had begun to blockade the shipment of potatoes at places such as the nearby town of Neuenburg (26-7 April), setting off a series of severe food riots throughout the region which continued until the end of May.
Tenders Are Invited for Natura 2000 area 8111-341 "Markgrfler Rheinebene from Neuchtel to Breisach" with the bird protection areas 8011-441 "Bremgarten" and 8011-401 "Rheinsiederung Neuenburg - Breisach".
Weinheim, Germany; Neuenburg Germany; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Greetland, UK; Swindon, UK; Littleborough, U.
Eminent in Gothenburg, Sweden, and on July 29, 2002, we acquired F&R Foerster Rothmann GmbH located in Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany.
Approximately 4 400 000 tonnes of gravel will be generated from this measure, which will be taken over by the city of Neuenburg on the Rhine.
Weinheim, Germany; Neuenburg, Germany; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Greetland, UK; Swindon, UK; Littleborough, UK; Colmar, France; Parets, Spain; Sant' Omero, Italy; Cossato, Italy; Hong Kong, China; Suzhou, China; Nantong, China; Chennai, India; Pyungtaek, South Korea; Yang Mei, Taiwan; Tayuan, Taiwan; San Martin/Buenos Aires, Argentina; Durham, NC, U.
Risdon Pharma has approximately 300 employees based at its factories in Offranville, France, and Neuenburg, Germany.
FrymaKoruma GmbH, Fischerstrase 13, Neuenburg, BW 79395 Germany; Tel: +49 (0) 7631/7067-0, Fax: +49 (0) 7631/7067-29
Contract notice: Restructuring of the castle of the Neuenburg in Guebwiller and creation of a cultural center.
Eminent located in Gothenburg, Sweden; on July 29, 2002, we acquired F&R Foerster Rothmann Gmbh located in Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany.