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The basic purpose of this study was to evaluate a clinically and culturally sound neuropsychological test battery to assess cognitive impairments among stroke patients.
In a study that compared 59 patients with OCD with 59 healthy controls using a wide neuropsychological test battery, an error in spatial working memory, slowness in task planning and starting speed, and recollection error was observed in the "checker group"; an error in spatial recollection was observed in the "obsessive" group; and slowness in task planning and starting speed and an error in recollection was observed in the "mixed" group (41).
Does the Cambridge Automated Neuropsychological Test Battery (CANTAB) Distinguish Between Cognitive Domains in Healthy Older Adults?
The CERAD neuropsychological test battery is widely used in the early detection of Alzheimer's disease.
First, in a recent study that administered a neuropsychological test battery along with the Word Memory Test to 110 college students (Octavio, Kazakov, Reamer, Park, & Osmon, 2014), the base rate of symptom validity test failure was only 6.4%.
[Reliability and validity of neuropsychological test battery for the elderly].
A visit was scheduled 2 weeks postoperatively where patients were tested with the neuropsychological test battery and the MDI (data not reported here).
As cognitive decline is considered a key indicator of dementia (Waldemar et al., 2007), we used a neuropsychological test battery to assess cognitive function in our participants.
Third, our neuropsychological test battery did not tap all possible neuropsychological processes (nor could it), although the tests chosen are among the most frequently given in standard neuropsychological test batteries.
NEUROPSI: A brief neuropsychological test battery in Spanish with norms by age and educational level.
In additional results, there was a significant improvement between 24 and 48 weeks in the z score for the memory domain of the Neuropsychological Test Battery among both patients who started and continued on Souvenaid (P = .025) and patients who started on the control drink and switched to Souvenaid (P = .009).
The study also used CogScreen, a computer-administered neuropsychological test battery developed for the Federal Aviation Administration for evaluating the cognitive functioning of pilots.
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