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NNRCNeural Networks Research Centre (now Adaptive Informatics Research Centre; Helsinki, Finland)
NNRCNebraska Natural Resources Commission
NNRCNeutral Nations Repatriation Commission (UN)
NNRCNational Network Reporting Company
NNRCNorthern Nevada Restitution Center
NNRCNeely Nuclear Research Center (Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA)
NNRCNormanville Natural Resource Centre (Australia)
NNRCNo-Name Radio Club (California)
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Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission and Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission, and Switzerland was asked to participate in it.
He was also the first Public Relations Officer of the Indian contingent at the Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission in Korea in 1951-52, and later with the United Nations Emergency Force in the Gaza Strip.