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The author especially builds on the issues that arise from implementation of the two founding pillars of the website: Neutral Point of View and Assume Good Faith.
The two leading protagonists displayed clear naivety on the day, which is exciting from a neutral point of view as both horses should be even fitter and stronger at Newmarket.
Changing our perspective to "conflict is a normal part of life" can really shift us from a fear-driven place to a neutral point of view.
Founder Jimmy Wales says the only non- negotiable policy is a ' neutral point of view.
The "Holy Trinity" of Wikipedia practice guarantees bibliographic hygiene: entries must demonstrate a Neutral Point of View, No Original Research, and Verifiability.
Wikipedia's pseudonymous and anonymous contributions are fundamentally assumed to be made in good faith, and the site is governed largely via pro-social norms, consensus building, and--most significantly--three core content policies: neutral point of view, no original research, and verifiability.
The opposite to that is to bring across a neutral point of view with balanced perspectives.
It is important to depict Leonardo da Vinci from another perspective, finding a neutral point of view and avoiding speculation about other, ulterior motivations behind his work.
But at the same time, the team played fantastically and to be fair from a neutral point of view, no-one would say it was unjustified.
Albion fans might not have appreciated losing a football match but from a neutral point of view it was an education and proves that while Chelsea may splash the cash, Arsenal possess the charisma and grace.
The community of self-titled "Wikipedians" really strives for a neutral point of view.
Its users have come to understand the value of group-editing, of being formally committed to a neutral point of view and of rapid updating" New York University adjunct professor Clay Shirky told Reuters.