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1) New Castle disease vaccine (Live) F Strain 1000 dose vial Qty : 100 Bottles
Many deaths of peafowl have been reported due to New Castle Disease (NCD) outbreak in recent years (Kalhoro and Dhanani, 2013; Anwar et al.
History of affected birds revealed recent vaccination with live attenuated New castle disease vaccine.
The birds received New Castle Disease Virus vaccination on days 5 and 21 and received infectious bursal disease virus vaccination on days 10 and 26.
coli, Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Hydropericardium Syndrome (HPS), and New Castle Disease (ND) also described by Yunus et al(2008).
The top 9 training required areas of broiler farming are cleaning shed followed by preventive measures of coccidiosis symptoms of coccisdiosis symptoms of coryza treatment of coccidiosis treatment of coryza vaccination schedule of hydro pericardium preventive measures of gumboro and symptoms of new castle disease.
Earlier the authorities said the attacker is the tetelo virus or new castle disease (ND).
In addition to the threat posed by migrating wild waterfowl, Mallinson says, the potential exists for bringing New Castle Disease to the Mid-Atlantic area through poultry auction markets.
New Castle disease causes around 70% mortality rate of native chicken.
Jonic Natividad, Chief of the DA 6 Regulatory Division, said vigilance and cooperation of the livestock and poultry industries are important to keep out these diseases in the region amidst the continuing threats of animal diseases due to El Nino and the New Castle disease virus that hit some poultry farms in Luzon.
According to Dr Mamta, GULV med, her organization will be offering all necessary assistance to train the beneficiaries about the promotion of New Castle diseases and backyard poultry.
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