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NCENew Civil Engineer (UK Journal)
NCENetwork Consulting Engineer (various companies)
NCENon-Conventional Energy (India)
NCENew Chemical Entity (pharmaceutical research)
NCENúcleo de Computação Eletrônica (Portuguese: Electronic Computer Center; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
NCENational College of Education (National-Louis University; Illinois)
NCENormal Curve Equivalent
NCENetworks of Centres of Excellence
NCENet Carbon Exchange (ecosystem)
NCENational Coalition for Education (New Delhi, India)
NCENewark College of Engineering (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
NCENon-Commercial Educational
NCENot Classified Elsewhere (UN international trade classification)
NCENational Conference and Exhibition
NCENew Century Energies
NCENo-Cost Extension
NCENew Catholic Encyclopedia
NCENeighbor Cache Entry (computing)
NCENigeria Certificate in Education
NCENational Capital Exhibition (Australia)
NCENew Concept Energy (Dallas, TX)
NCENotional Cash Expenditure (gold industry)
NCENeo Classical Economics
NCENeon Cage Experiment (band)
NCENational Certificate in Education
NCENice, France - Cote D'azur (Airport Code)
NCENet-Centric Enterprise
NCENomadic Computing Environment
NCENational Council for Education (Belize)
NCENetwork Capacity Expansion (Cisco)
NCENetwork Connection Endpoint
NCESodium Calcium Exchanger
NCENGA (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency) Campus East (Bethesda, MD)
NCENippon Coke & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NCENorm Curve Equivalent
NCENetwork Configuration Editor
NCENARTE Certified Engineer
NCENoncommercial Education
NCENavy Civil Engineer (magazine)
NCENeutral Current Eliminator (Mirus International Inc.)
NCENuclear Certified Equipment (US DoD)
NCENoncombatant Evacuee
NCENuclear Capability Exercise
NCENuclear-Chemical Environment
NCENational Counselor Examination for Licensure & Certification
NCENon-Credit Union Entity (US National Credit Union Association)
NCENoncarcinogenic Edema
NCENegative Christmas Event (disheartening loss in a video game match)
NCENSSMS Common Enclosure
NCENet Control Element
NCENutra Cell Enhancer
NCENovell Content Exchange
NCENecessary Contextual Element
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Writing in the New Catholic Encyclopedia, Dietlein perhaps should not be faulted for using the New Testament to interpret the Hebrew Bible: our passage from Luke provides the basis for his interpretation of what he considers Old Testament practices.
This reference would also be strange from a Jewish perspective--remember Dietlein's statement in the New Catholic Encyclopedia, "God abhorred human sacrifice"--but fits in with Luke's view of Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice.
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Some 250 international academics, researchers, clerics, and independent scholars contribute 300-plus articles to the latest Supplement to the 2003 edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia, this time focusing on the special relationship between the arts and Catholicism.
The New Catholic Encyclopedia says: "The Legion of Mary is an association of lay Catholics founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1921, for the spiritual advancement of its members and the general intensification of Catholic life.
The 14-volume New Catholic Encyclopedia (1967) takes into account conciliar developments, contains much useful factual information, but is now rather dated despite a series of supplemental volumes.
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Catholic University of America Press first published the New Catholic Encyclopedia in 15 volumes in 1967; over the years, sporadically, supplemental volumes and a new edition appeared.
Morrissey in his article in the New Catholic Encyclopedia (2nd ed.
THE GALE GROUP and The Catholic University of America have announced plans to publish the first new edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia in more than 30 years.
in the New Catholic Encyclopedia, "stewardship is an instrument of social justice.
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