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NDYPNew Deal for Young People (UK)
NDYPNorth Dakota Young Professionals (est. 2006; Bismarck, ND)
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Blair won his elections by offering an over-arching vision of optimism underpinned by simple, alternative and deliverable ideas - a New Deal for young people funded by a windfall tax on the utilities companies, class size cuts and a pledge on NHS waiting lists among other things.
Their theories led to creation of the New Deal for Young People, a British government program intended to get 18- to 24-year-olds back on the job after extended unemployment.
For example, he said that the New Deal for Young People, a British government initiative aimed at getting 18-24-year-olds back on the job market after long spells of unemployment, "is very much based on our work".
However, if a trainee does not receive wages from his/her employer and is in one of the following groups, he/she is not entitled to the National Minimum Wage: New Deal for Young People New Deal for those aged 25 or above Work Based Learning for Adults National Traineeships Other Youth training and Work Trial schemes Q.
Perhaps the best known international examples are: The Princea€™s Trust, Shell Livewire, the New Deal for Young People (UK), Law 44 (Italy), Youth Business Initiative (Australia) and Atlantic Canada.
The 24-year-old, from Northfield, who had been unemployed for nine months, was referred to employment expert Pertemps People Development Group (PPDG) by Jobcentre Plus under the New Deal for Young People initiative.
For others who are not in work the Government has delivered a range of measures to improve access to education and training, including the New Deal for Young People, nearly trebling the number of apprenticeships, and specific strategies to give people from vulnerable groups the skills they need to succeed.
He said: "The New Deal for Young People has reduced total and long-term youth claimant unemployment, and independent evaluation found that without New Deal, six month plus youth claimant unemployment would be twice as high.
Frank Field said the New Deal for Young People had so far cost pounds 1.
Last year we placed more than 2200 of our clients into employment through programmes such as New Deal for Young People, New Deal for Disabled People and Employment Zone.
With help and support from New Deal for Young People, Nicola started a career with the charity Mind in the Vale of Glamorgan earlier this year.
These include crime prevention schemes (such as building gates to alleyways, CCTV, street lighting, neighbourhood wardens), skills initiatives in association with the EAZ (such as literacy schemes and mentoring), and youth employment schemes with New Deal for Young People (such as an ILM initiative).