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NETNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Employee Team
NETNetwork Equipment Technologies
NETNew English Translation (Bible)
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NETNational Environmental Trust
NETNon-Emergency Transportation
NETNational Eligibility Test (India)
NETNew Energy Technology (various organizations)
NETNeuro Emotional Technique
NETNot Entirely True
NETNational Emission Trends
NETNew Equipment Training (US DoD)
NETNon-Equilibrium Thermodynamics
NETNeuroendocrine Tumour
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NETNational Educational Television
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NETNetwork Entity Title
NETNew Employee Training
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NETNational Employer Team (AARP)
NETNeighborhood Emergency Team
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NETNational Education Trust (UK)
NETNational Evangelization Team
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NETNo Electronic Theft Act of 1997
NETNezavisna Televizija (Croatian: independent television )
NETNatural Environment Teaching (applied behavioral analysis)
NETNational Entrance Test (India)
NETNorfolk Electric Transit
NETNeutrophil Extracellular Trap (cell biology)
NETNitte Education Trust
NETNewspaper Education Trust
NETNuclear Emergency Team
NETNetwork Enabled Transport
NETNew England Transrail
NETNaturalistic Education Theory
NETNationwide Electrical Testing (Duluth, GA)
NETNear Equatorial Trough (meteorology)
NETNeuronally Expressed EPH-Related Tyrosine Kinase
NETNational Environmental Testing, Inc.
NETNetwork Protocols Interface
NETNAVWAR Evaluation Team
NETNetwork Effective Throughput
NETNew Media, Exceptional People, and Technology (International Churches of Christ)
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The New Employee Training Unit is a strategy which has demonstrated success within the first year of implementation.
The open and sincere discussions helped us to move toward a collaborative environment, creating teams for scheduling, reward and recognition, hiring and selection, new employee training and mentoring, and quality assurance.
It offers real-time and cost effective interaction within staff members and is an excellent option for e-learning programs, new employee training, technical training, sales and reseller training as well as customer meetings and training,' she explained.
This tool and other efforts have cut new employee training time from 16 weeks to two weeks.
DFAS leadership soon realized that other disciplines within the agency could benefit from formal new employee training, so the program was expanded and a contest was held among the DFAS interns to develop a new name for the DFAS Intern Program.
The new employee training period is a good time to introduce and cover cross-selling.
The community college route can be a cost-effective choice used by the industry for new employee training and to provide local labor sources with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary for entry-level positions, and thus a career in the natural gas industry.
He suggested that employers use the study's results to tailor new employee training and support services "to address work-life stress generated by the nature of work roles.
Bixler hopes to implement a new online training process as part of a new employee training program she is designing that will provide a means of tracking which faculty and staff members have completed the training and which haven't.
New employee training: As with new franchisees, often prior to the start of new employee training, pre-training and education can be conducted virtually prior to onsite arrival.
Bob Fern joined Presperse in the new employee training program.
The information in this latest version of ServSafe is based on the 2005 FDA Food Code and includes the following: 2005 FDA Food Code Updates, New real world scenarios called "Something to Think About," New simplified microbiology chapter, New jurisdiction requirements called "How This Relates to Me," New employee training section, New implementation tool called "Take it Back," Updated activities, Expanded HAACP content, and Expanded produce management content.
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