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NWWNurse with Wound (band)
NWWNew Ways to Work (California)
NWWNose Wheel Well
NWWNational Web Window (internet service provider)
NWWNorth West Water PLC (now United Utilities; UK)
NWWNextel World Wide
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However, he added: "I think there are now new ways to work in the market that have changed the basin in the North Sea for good.
"Essential to this is to find new ways to work together even as we seek to manage future competition." "Responsible countries adhere to international law and work together to keep international sea-lanes open for unimpaired commerce.
Executive vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft, Terry Myerson, said : "Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows, unlocking new experiences to give customers new ways to work, play and connect.
The program's focus was on new ways to work that create more open and collaborative spaces that create community, enhance productivity and improve real estate and workplace efficiency.
They learn new ways to work with data to question, explore, solve problems and draw conclusions in science, mathematics and social studies curricula.
David Schulke, executive vice president of American Health Quality Association praised the government's effort, "(which) backed the statements it made with money" by hiring the QIOs that assessed the facilities and taught them new ways to work more effectively.
At those times we help them find new ways to work through difficult passages.
While it's a far cry from business as they have known it, timber industry officials generally support community efforts to find new ways to work on public forests.
Rupert, New Ways to Work, Inc.; * Meeting the Health Care Needs of an Aging Workforce: Empire Strikes Back!
In early March, Dr Carol Williams, Director of Conservation at the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), was invited as a guest speaker to the MPA meeting of its Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Group and new ways to work together were examined.
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