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En 1981 empezo a trabajar para Robert Silvers y Barbara Epstein, los dos editores historicos de la New York Review of Books.
The New York Times Book Review called the book a "DeLillo-meets-Dreiser interrogation of our psychoses," and the New York Review of Books praised Rich's critique as having the "jaunty deadpan tone of the best satirical novelists.
Un punado de escritores que se desempenaban como reporteros en diversos diarios--entre ellos Gay Talese, que trabajaba en el New York Times, y Tom Wolfe, en el New York Herald Tribune--se vieron obligados a trabajar por su cuenta y comenzaron a hacer reportajes extensos para revistas echando mano de un estilo mucho mas literario que el empleado en sus respectivos diarios; la segunda, el nacimiento de una publicacion cultural de muy alto nivel que hace unas semanas cumplio cincuenta anos de circulacion internacional: The New York Review of Books (NYRB).
Nafziger (Willamette University College of Law) has selected 26 articles and book excerpts to present in this anthology from such sources as International Journal of Cultural Property, Internatioanl and Comparative Law Quarterly, Art Journal, New York Review of Books, and Art, Antiquity and Law.
The nine-story, 290,000 s/f building is home to L'Oreal USA, New York Review of Books, Deluxe, @Radical Media and Freemantle Media.
This anthology was (and is) a slap in the face of the official verse mediocracy of the New Yorker, New York Review of Books, and major US prize awarders.
In the mid-1960s--newly returned from abroad, freshly divorced, an inaugural contributor to the New York Review of Books, and still in her thirties--Susan Sontag was chic and brilliantly supercilious: a reluctant American of acquired European taste and sensibility, powerfully charming at will.
ROBIN ROBERTSON, translator of 2011 Nobel Prize-winning poet Tomas Transtromer, in The New York Review of Books (Nov.
The online appeal from the support group 'Club DSK' follows a report published by an American journalist Edward Epstein, in The New York Review of Books, which has triggered speculation about a possible conspiracy aimed at destroying Strauss-Kahn's political career.
Bush is also said to have copied from General Tommy Franks's American Soldier, the New York Review of Books, Washington Post and even the BBC.
Although confined like "a modern-day mummy," his thinking was unimpaired, as Judt demonstrated in 2010 through a series of personal essays for The New York Review of Books.
In this book, Brown University history professor and Pulitzer and Bancroft prizewinner Gordon Wood discourses, in 21 long-form book reviews from the New York Review of Books and the New Republic, on topics such as why postmodernism has made historical scholarship too self-referential, why the works of historians who have not earned advanced degrees (such as David McCullough, Barbara W.
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