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NQTNewly Qualified Teacher
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Newly qualified teachers starting induction from September 1 are using the new professional standards for teaching and leadership.
ASA spokeswoman Olivia Campbell said: "The ad breached the advertising codes as it could mislead viewers into thinking that they would be able to earn pounds 34,000 as a newly qualified teacher.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) Cymru is calling for a major overhaul of the system to ensure the training given to newly qualified teachers is not wasted.
Fast Track teachers begin at least one point up the pay scale from other newly qualified teachers.
One case involves an eight-year-old girl in Greater Manchester who kicked a newly qualified teacher.
A 47-YEAR-OLD career changer was among latest people in Wales to become a newly qualified teacher.
SHARON MORLEY, a newly qualified teacher at Alderman Callow School in Coventry, has reached the regional finals of a competition to find the best teachers in the UK.
Susan Millhouse, head at Weddington Primary, said: "Jenny fitted the newly qualified teacher category so well we had to enter her.
A newly qualified teacher is no longer "thrown in the deep end" and left with a class of children but is given support and guidance as they embark on their professional career.
DUE TO BE MARRIED Newly qualified teacher Melanie Gough from the Forest of Dean died after surgery
In fact, 95 per cent of newly qualified teachers were employed in a teaching role within six months of completing training.
7m project to put around 50 newly qualified teachers into 86 schools across Wales as supply.
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