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The post hoc Newman-Keuls test revealed a significant difference in 75-kDa MMP-2 in the CFA group compared with the Control and SAL groups (Figure 3D).
Post-hoc analysis by Newman-keuls test showed that recognition memory significantly decrease (p less than 0.
Newman-Keuls test of the interaction term indicated that heterosexuals committed fewer errors than homosexuals specifically in the first five trials of the 5-rewards condition (p < 0.
The Newman-Keuls test revealed that the weekly egg production of Group 1 (5.
After comparison between the measurements using the Newman-Keuls test, it was observed that the adhesive Scotchbond Multipurpose Plus (m = 39.
Simple effects and Newman-Keuls tests applied to the three-way interaction confirmed that the pattern was the same by participants and by items.
The mean number of Empirical Justifications offered by the different samples was analyzed with the Newman-Keuls Test.
Significant differences were indicated for each tissue type (stele, cortex and aerenchyma) and individual means were compared using the Newman-Keuls test (Winer, 1971).
Multivariate analysis of variance by Newman-Keuls test (P [less than or equal to] 0.
We compared differences between group means by the student Newman-Keuls test (alpha = 0.