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NewsMLNews Markup Language (XML format; International Press Telecommunications Council)
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NewsML works its magic with a carefully conceived schema that packages news items, regardless of language or media type, with robust metadata.
based International Press Telecommunications Committee, a news industry standards body, approved NewsML in October.
NewsML, a derivative of the Internet's eXtensible Markup Language (XML), lets journalists and other publishers produce and assemble stories in video, text, graphics, pictures and audio, in any language and for platforms ranging from financial service desktops to Web sites to mobile phones.
NewsML provides another model with potential application beyond its original purpose: a structural framework for electronic news.
The publishing-focused solution comes bundled with industry-standard taxonomies, such as International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) Subject Codes and SIC Codes, and works with XML standards like NITF, NewsML, ANPA, and PRISM.
An example now used by Reuters is NewsML, permitting encapsulation of many media types, wrapping text, photo, video, and audio in one standard.
Through a simple process, XML files are easily converted to HTML, NewsML, plain text, and any number of customized XML formats.
Applied Semantics' Auto-Categorizer tool accepts XML input and responds with XML output to provide compatibility with any XML format, but particularly with NewsML and the News Industry Text Format (NITF)--two additional standards established by the 50-plus-member IPTC organization.
Applications incorporating such newspaper-friendly standards as NITF (news industry text format) and NewsML (news markup language) should be available in a matter of months, said John W.
Applied Semantics' Auto-Categorizer tool accepts XML input and responds with XML output , providing compatibility with any XML format, with NewsML, and with the News Industry Text Format (NITF), standards established by the IPTC organization.
Reuters, the global information, news, and technology group, and WAVO, a news-software developer, have joined forces to launch the NewsML Toolkit, an interface that facilitates the implementation of the newly ratified NewsML standard.
This computerized Esperanto is NewsML, which is based on the widely used XML (extensible markup language).