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N2LLiquid Nitrogen
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N2LNewton's Second Law (mechanics)
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Having arrived at this result for an example, which is commonly used to introduce problem-solving with Newton's second law, a student, operating under the N2-NF model, expands it to the (incorrect) general result that the normal force is always equal and opposite to the weight force ("because they are a third law pair").
Without any knowledge of geometry or physics, the program came up with Newton's second law of motion and other equations governing the double pendulum's behavior.
Newton's Second Law: Force equals mass times acceleration
The greater the mass, the larger the amount of force created (Newton's second law).
Model catapult, pounds 22.48 from www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk 3 SPIN ME ROUND A fascinating example of early engineering first seen in Roman Egypt, this steam-powered aeolipile works by the expulsion of steam through nozzles, generating thrust according to the rocket principle and Newton's Second Law of Motion.
* According to Newton's second law of motion, a force is equal to an object's mass times its acceleration (F=ma).
But fundamentally Newton's Second Law fits for mechanical engineering, a=F/m."
Given acceleration, it produced Newton's second law of motion.
STILL in the Alps, remember Terry Daly and his footy coaching based on Newton's second law of dynamics?
These follow Newton's second law, [F.sub.1]=ma: where [F.sub.1] is the inertia force; m is the mass being moved = w/g (where w = weight and g = 32/2 ft/sec/sec); and a = acceleration in ft/sec/sec.