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NEXISNuclear Electric Xenon Ion System
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Under this agreement, Nexis will receive a license fee of Euro 20million (US$32million) due in monthly installments over 20 months, prior to commissioning of the first plant in North America.
LexisNexis, Lexis and Nexis are registered trademarks and LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology is a registered trademark of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc.
Nexis manufacturing plants use a proprietary "Green" technology to produce high volumes of building panels by processing mixed dry solid waste that would ordinarily be destined for landfills.
Under the 20 year BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) arrangement Nexis will build a manufacturing plant to produce affordable building panels and, together with its Nexis Country Licensee will construct high volumes of homes for the domestic market in China.
Nexis said the new unit will offer clients a range of information decision tools, including fraud detection, risk management, modeling, scoring and investigative services.
Nexis signs 25 year waste supply agreement with Municipality of Consolacion
BakBone's NetVault(R): Replicator to Provide Real-time Data Replication Capabilities for SGI InfiniteStorage NEXIS NAS Family