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NHNew Hampshire (US postal abbreviation)
NHNew Haven
NHNursing Home
NHNational Highway (Australia, India)
NHNot Here
NHNippon Ham (Japan)
NHNathaniel Hawthorne (author)
NHNaval Hospital
NHNorthern Hemisphere
NHNew Hire
NHNatural Horsemanship (horse trainers; Orlando, FL)
NHNatural Heritage Program (Virginia)
NHNotting Hill
NHNew Harmony (Indiana)
NHNordic Hardware (computer discussion forum in Sweden)
NHNordic Hardware
NHNull Hypothesis
NHNational Hose (thread)
NHNatural Harmonic (music)
NHNumber of Hits (weapons planning)
NHNew Hebrides
NHNever Hinged (philatelic term; mint gum stamp)
NHNice Hand
NHNorth Harbor
NHNumber Holder (US SSA)
NHNo Height (track and field)
NHNo Hole
NHNaval Home (US Navy)
NHNew Hat
NHNext Hop (networking)
NHNobody Home (delivery term)
NHNeighborhood History
NHNo Hacks (multiplayer gaming)
NHNorth Hills School District (Pennsylvania)
NHNerf Herder (band)
NHNerd Herd (gaming clan)
NHNational Host
NHNishan-E-Haider (highest gallantry award of Pakistan Army)
NHNorthern Highlands Regional High School (Allendale, New Jersey)
NHNatural Humidity
NHNation of Hope (gaming)
NHNeoHacks (gaming website)
NHNobilis Homo (Latin: Nobleman)
NHNota de Honorários (Invoice, Portugal)
NHNeoplastic Hepatocyte
NHAll Nippon Airways Co Japan (IATA airline code)
NHNon-Busy Hour
NHNutritional Herbologist
NHHidratacion Normal (Spanish: Normal Hydration)
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This strategy include breaking the detected messages into a few parcels (contingent upon number of hubs in the next hop) with the end goal that every hub in the system will forward just little sub-bundles to the sink.
In RSB, the candidate set is determined by the neighbours where each neighbour will be responsible in validating whether it is a candidate for next hop forwarder.
So the function RHC = [B.sub.j]/[dist.sub.i,j] where B is the energy at the destination node and [dist.sub.i,j] is the distance between source and distention, the next hop will be the node in the same cluster that have the maximum RHC that satisfies the following condition:
Like Tor, nodes forwarding traffic only see the previous and next hop. Unlike Tor, the experience is faster, more secure and users get paid to run their node.
Therefore, we define the energy function of the number of hops as follows: [E.sub.h] = [e.sup.hop(i,s)/H], where hop(i, s) represents the hop count of the next hop from Agent j to sink.
Each node owns, in its routing table, only information about the next hop for which the message must be sent to get to the destination.
Considering the energy efficient and delivery ratio, the selection of next hop is based on residual energy and forwarding ratio.
When you next hop in the car, remind your kids that mobile phones and driving dont mix and set an example by popping your phone in the glove box.
It also provides deep packet inspection (DPI) to apply custom logic in selecting the next hop for traffic.
After a quick refill, SureFly is ready for the next hop.
The next hop was to the sets of Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam and Vishwaroopam 2 .
Its create wrong path between two end of the node, generated altered information between sources to destination, send only limited packet to the next hop node and or disconnect link between the node.
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