NextGNext Generation Wireless
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Finally, the fund said its name will change to First Trust Indxx NextG ETF as will on or around 29 May 2019 and its shares will continue to be listed and trade its on the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC under the present ticker symbol until the same date.
The lawsuit challenged NextG's installation of DAS equipment on existing utility poles in the public right of way under an agreement with the town of Hempstead and claimed that the company's network had decreased property values because of the perceived health risks of radio frequency (RF) emissions.
The suit also alleged that the DAS installations amounted to a 'nuisance' and an unconstitutional 'taking' of their property and that the town was negligent in allowing NextG to deploy.
NEXTG NETWORKS, Booth 1210; Phone: 408-954-1580; Fax: 408-383-5397;
The mobile and cloud-based solution - using Telstra NextG - will provide a single communications network between train control, trains, trackside workers and wayside equipment, making it easier for train operators to do business across the country.
NEXTG NETWORKS, Booth 420; Phone: 408-954-1580; Fax: 408-383-5397;
Using the Telstra NextG network, applications such as safe travelling distance technology (proximity alerting), real-time locomotive tracking, sophisticated track and wayside monitoring technology, situational awareness systems and the next generation of train management - the Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) become possible.
NEXTG NETWORKS Booth: 1505; Phone: 408-719-8510; Fax: 408-719-8500;
This includes access to the Telstra NextG and NextIP networks, security and Application Assured Networking to support the Digital MailBox platform.
We have worked very closely with Australia Post and their digital team to leverage our NextIP, NextG networks and M2M technology to deliver superior tracking and monitoring.
Southern California Edison and NextG are the two companies which are still being investigated by Public Utilities Commission.