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This years AfricaSan 5 conference, held February 18-22, 2019, in Cape Town, South Africa, was themed, Transforming Sanitation in Africa: Accelerating progress towards the Ngor Commitments to achieve the Social Development Goals.
'The clashes erupted near my village,' said a local resident of Ngor Ngar village.
The Ku-chhung-rin-po-chhe (younger brother of the head of Dol-ma Palace) was often advising me--'Do not travel alone, the Tibetan passes are infested with robbers, they will kill you.' Both the palaces offered their mules and men to take me to the Ngor, Shalu and Ta-shi-lhun-po monasteries.
The attack injured 46 people and forced thousands to flee, according to Ngor.
Ayuel Leek Deng and Beny Ngor Chol have been through many things many times that many Americans never hope to encounter once.
A doctor at Calmette Hospital said Ngor Srun, 37, suffered burns on the left side of his face, ear and chest.
Haing Ngor survived the Pol Pot Time pretending to be a taxi driver.
Three members of an Asian street gang yesterday were found guilty of the murder of Killing Fields actor Haing Ngor.
One of three juries in the murder case of Oscar-winning actor Haing Ngor has reached a verdict.
Three men were charged yesterday with the murder of Killing Fields starHaing Ngor.
Ngor's own story of his survival of the Cambodian holocaust, the drama takes on particular weight.
Division Manager in the Banks Water Development and Sanitation Department, Osward Chanda said, Achieving the Ngor Commitments and the ambitious targets for sanitation and hygiene within the Global Development Agenda can only become a reality if we scale up our work.