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NiFeNickel Iron
NiFeNorthern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts (car club; est. 1991)
NiFeNo Incinerators for Europe (anti-waste incineration group)
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I usually advise clients to avoid NiFe and go for industrial lead-acid batteries instead, but I can't deny that the idea of a battery that can last decades is very attractive.
(2001), A Study on the Electrodeposition of NiFe Alloy Thin Films Using Chronocoulometry and Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microgravimetry, Bull.
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He also urged leaders of NIFES to go beyond religion and transform it into profound spiritual impact.
Also the bank's cultural centre will show the 2004 romantic drama Nifes (Brides) on Wednesday.
25 -- X-Genics, the provider of eManager compliance software products, is pleased to announce the appointment of NIFES Consulting Group as its preferred health and safety adviser and surveyor to help GPs better manage the changes taking place in the NHS.
Former Director, Associates, NIFES Headquarters, Dr Ebere Eze, spoke at a news conference as part of activities marking NIFES @50 celebration and fundraising holding on Saturday at International Conference Centre Abuja.