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NiTiNickel titanium
NiTiNet Integration Technologies, Inc. (software developer)
NiTiNational Indian Telecommunications Institute (est. 1995; Santa Fe, NM)
NiTiNational Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure (US DOT)
NiTiNortheast Iowa Technical Institute (Calmar and Peosta, IA)
NiTiNon-Invasive Thermal Imaging
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"What I feel is that vice-chairperson of Niti Ayog has got influenced by newspaper reports.
According to a recent report by The Times of India, NITI Aayog has moved a cabinet note in an effort to prepare a framework that enables phasing out the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles in the country by 2030.
It is not a solution but is palliative," Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said at a press conference after the release of its 'Strategy for New India @ 75' document.
6 The introduction of nickel--titanium (NiTi) instruments to the endodontic field has revolutionized endC...odontic treatment, reducing operator fatigue and treatment time and minimizing errors associated with the use of stainless steel instruments.1 ProTaper Universal rotary files (Dentsply MailleC...
Exactly a year ago, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) asked the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), the apex government think tank, to prepare three sets of document that crystallise Narendra Modi government's vision for development into a concrete action plan.
The Niti Aayog also distanced itself from Debroy's comment, saying it was his personal opinion and not its view as it didn't make any recommendation of any such tax.
The NGO-Partnership System(NGO-PS) Portal (NGO-DARPAN) was earlier maintained by erstwhile planning Commission, which has been replaced by the NITI Aayog w.e.f.1st January, 2015.
Oxidation resistance develops by adding some alloying elements [4], Many researchers worked in this direction and studied the effect of the addition of alloying elements like copper, aluminum and chromium into nitinol alloys and how it influence the behavior of NiTi shape memory alloys in corrosive and high temperatures environments [3,5].
Acid treatment is widely used method during manufacturing process to chemically polish the surface of ground NiTi instruments.
However, senior BJP leaders advised her to attend the NITI Aayog meeting and leave Delhi or else it would seem she was lobbying with the top brass.
[18] studied microstructure characteristic of NiTi coating on stainless steel by transferred arc process.