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NIANNational Ice Age Network
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I'll find it,' replied the nian, waving his hand and turning on his heel.
In addition to the dreaded Nian, there is another monster called Sui, which does evil deeds to children while they sleep.
The Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao used to be available only at Emperor Xian Long's kitchen as a special treat to VIP guests," explained Paul Li, who brought Bai Nian Tang Bao in the country with his wife Christine Li and friend Robert Lim.
Chinese New Year is just days away when a legendary monster intent on devouring the city faces off against a feisty girl who must use her knowledge of the holiday's customs to outsmart him, in Andrea Wang's fun-filled holiday adventure, The Nian Monster.
According to the Iranian constitution the Assembly of Experts, consisting of 88 members, is the body which is responsible for the selection of the Ira- nian Supreme Leader.
tonight, we lighted the entire lobby so it's not even appropriate anymore to call it Christmas tree lighting, but the grand lobby lighting of the Manila Hotel," said assistant vice president for public relations and corporate communications Nian Liwanag-Rigor.
Magikid Nian draws on ancient Chinese traditions and presents them in interactive games for kids.
One of them is about when a long time ago a monster called Nian (which translates to Year) was defeated.
Nian Arsan restored the home team's lead just before the interval and Ian Andrews hit two late goals to give Penycae a convincing 5-2 victory.
The special set menu will feature traditional delicacies, such as Yu Sheng, assorted lobster dim sum, steamed fish, fried golden chicken and a special new year dessert called Nian Gao and will be available from February 9 to 12.
But in the legend Nian is very afraid of red, fire and loud noises and for this reason people put red paper on the door, lit torches and set off firecrackers.
It started centuries ago, out of fear for a mythical lion-like beast called Nian - the Chinese word for "year" - who preyed on villagers.