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NICENational Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (London, UK government organization; also seen as NIHCE)
NICENational Institute of Clinical Excellence
NICENo Internal Combustion Engine (electric vehicle)
NICENew Immigrant Community Empowerment
NICENational Institute for Consumer Education
NICENetwork Information and Control Exchange
NICENonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel
NICENational Information & Credit Evaluation Inc.
NICENever-Ending International Workcamps Exchange
NICENetwork Interface for Cultural Exchange
NICENoorul Islam College of Engineering
NICENational Institute on Cooperative Education
NICENational Institute for Christian Education
NICENational Initiative on Care for Elderly (India)
NICENomenclature of the Industries in the European Communities
NICENosocomial Infection Control in Europe
NICENarrative, Immersive, Collaborative Environment (teleimmersion education application)
NICENorthern Illinois Computer Exchange
NICENetwork of Information Technology Consultants in Europe
NICENew and Improved Clock and Ephemeris (GPS)
NICENeptune Intelligent Computer Equipment (Ra’anana, Israel)
NICENetwork Interface Customer Electronics
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Everyone thought soberly for a minute, then Meg announced, as if the idea was suggested by the sight of her own pretty hands, "I shall give her a nice pair of gloves.
These was all nice pictures, I reckon, but I didn't somehow seem to take to them, because if ever I was down a little they always give me the fan-tods.
AND she gave them their nice clean clothes; and all the little animals and birds were so very much obliged to dear Mrs.
I consider that you are bound to class him as nice, Miss Alan, after that business of the violets.
If only people with brains--of course they would want a room, a nice room, in Bloomsbury preferably, where they could meet once a week.
Do you think, Diana, that being grown-up is really as nice as we used to imagine it would be when we were children?
Oh yes," replied Dorothy; "and they're very clever and very nice, too.
Get some nice book and read quietly; cheer him up about school, and offer to help him study by and by; you can do that better than I, because I'm only a girl, and don't learn Greek and Latin and all sorts of headachy stuff.
Why, because it sounds so nice and romantic, just as if I were a heroine in a book, you know.
Oh, Dan, Cousin Mattie and her sisters-in-law are just as nice and kind as they can be," reproached Cecily.
I just got boiling mad, and I sailed right into her, and told her she didn't know a nice baby when she saw one, and ours was the nicest baby in the world.
Again, to mark the nice distinction between two persons actuated by the same vice or folly is another; and, as this last talent is found in very few writers, so is the true discernment of it found in as few readers; though, I believe, the observation of this forms a very principal pleasure in those who are capable of the discovery; every person, for instance, can distinguish between Sir Epicure Mammon and Sir Fopling Flutter; but to note the difference between Sir Fopling Flutter and Sir Courtly Nice requires a more exquisite judgment: for want of which, vulgar spectators of plays very often do great injustice in the theatre; where I have sometimes known a poet in danger of being convicted as a thief, upon much worse evidence than the resemblance of hands hath been held to be in the law.