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NHNew Hampshire (US postal abbreviation)
NHNew Haven
NHNursing Home
NHNational Highway (Australia, India)
NHNot Here
NHNippon Ham (Japan)
NHNathaniel Hawthorne (author)
NHNaval Hospital
NHNorthern Hemisphere
NHNew Hire
NHNatural Horsemanship (horse trainers; Orlando, FL)
NHNatural Heritage Program (Virginia)
NHNotting Hill
NHNew Harmony (Indiana)
NHNordic Hardware
NHNordic Hardware (computer discussion forum in Sweden)
NHNull Hypothesis
NHNational Hose (thread)
NHNatural Harmonic (music)
NHNumber of Hits (weapons planning)
NHNew Hebrides
NHNever Hinged (philatelic term; mint gum stamp)
NHNice Hand
NHNorth Harbor
NHNumber Holder (US SSA)
NHNo Height (track and field)
NHNo Hole
NHNaval Home (US Navy)
NHNew Hat
NHNext Hop (networking)
NHNobody Home (delivery term)
NHNeighborhood History
NHNo Hacks (multiplayer gaming)
NHNorth Hills School District (Pennsylvania)
NHNerf Herder (band)
NHNerd Herd (gaming clan)
NHNational Host
NHNishan-E-Haider (highest gallantry award of Pakistan Army)
NHNorthern Highlands Regional High School (Allendale, New Jersey)
NHNatural Humidity
NHNation of Hope (gaming)
NHNeoHacks (gaming website)
NHNobilis Homo (Latin: Nobleman)
NHNota de Honorários (Invoice, Portugal)
NHNeoplastic Hepatocyte
NHAll Nippon Airways Co Japan (IATA airline code)
NHNon-Busy Hour
NHNutritional Herbologist
NHHidratacion Normal (Spanish: Normal Hydration)
References in classic literature ?
Why, it says as God put his sperrit into the workman as built the tabernacle, to make him do all the carved work and things as wanted a nice hand.
Also, spending so much time in hospitals, hand hygiene is absolutely vital, so I'm always washing my hands, and having a nice hand cream in my bag helps keeps my hands presentable.
It has a fine texture, but is not runny, so it worked as a nice hand cream, too.
Mirastretch is a cotton/polyester blend and "has a nice hand and good looks," Zampino said.
And a nice hand for how the Royal Shakespeare Company has fared in Terry Hands's capable .
Trot Nixon was at the game with his family and got a nice hand when shown on the videoboard.
Half an hour and a nice hand and shoulder massage later, on went a second cream to trap the line-busters in place.
WOLVERHAMPTON Saturday:JUST occasionally God smiles on us punters and deals us a nice hand just when it is needed.
Johnny Pesky was at the game and got a nice hand from the crowd when introduced in the seventh inning.
The keeper got a nice hand to it but fortunately it wasn't enough, although I was confident it was in.
These fibers are durable and often have a nice hand.
Martinez came to bat for the first time in the top of the second and got a nice hand from the chilled crowd.