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This is similar to how Pierpont's biography of Roth only discusses the play The Nice Jewish Boy as a means of considering the genesis of Portnoy's Complaint; in both cases the plays themselves tend to be secondary to the overarching considerations that they gesture towards.
By claiming kinship with these fearless fighters, they counter the taken-for-granted and pejorative image of nice Jewish boys who get bullied on the playground and follow, rather than play sports.
At a time when Jewish identity is increasingly a matter of cultural rather than religious identity, Levene wonders why she and her contemporaries still feel under pressure to marry a nice Jewish boy.
Her traditional family are keen for her to marry a nice Jewish boy, but things get confused when Suzie starts falling for Darren (Leo Gregory) who she meets in her new job at a TV production company.
They would dearly love Suzie to follow suit and marry a nice Jewish boy - someone like Anthony Silver (Goldberg), who is heir to a vast catering business.
Her younger sister Sophie (ArianaFravel) is getting married,much to the delight of their parents Irvine (Stanley Townsend)and Barbara (Rebecca Front), who would dearly love Suzie to follow suit and marry a nice Jewish boy - someone like the wealthy and dashing Anthony Silver (IddoGoldberg).
There was nice Jewish boy Paul Buchman and his wispy WASP wife, Jamie Stemple, on Mad About You; nasal nanny Fran Fine, the Barbra Streisand-loving borough girl, and her haughty English boss, Maxwell Sheffield, on The Nanny; and hippie-dippy Dharma Finkelstein and her buttoned-up blue-blooded hubby, Greg Montgomery, in Dharma & Greg.
He's a nice Jewish boy who loves his mother," says Fisher.
Unless you've been living on another planet for the past four years, you'll have come across a nice Jewish boy donning a yellow shell suit, Mr T-style jewellery, wraparound shades and a Tommy Gear hat while passing himself off as a black Jamaican gangsta.
Even the number "Perky Little Porn Star," in which a nice Jewish boy kvells over his rising fortunes in the adult film industry, is delivered with a cheery wholesomeness that undercuts the X-rated lyrics.
The first essay here engages with some of the fraught debates which have emerged in contemporary Native American criticism; the next three are on Native American fiction, centring on the work of Leslie Marmon Silko and Gerald Vizenor; the final essay, intriguingly entitled 'A Nice Jewish Boy among the Indians', is a riveting autobiographical meditation on the relation between Krupat's own origins as a working-class New York Jew and his subsequent involvement with Native American culture.
Take it from a nice Jewish boy from Dayton, Ohio: The tortilla is the bagel of the coming millennium, only better.