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NJNew Jersey (US postal abbreviation)
NJNice Job
NJNational Jewish (Medical & Research Center)
NJNo Joke
NJNick Jonas (of Jonas Brothers)
NJNew Jack (pro wrestler)
NJNorma Jean
NJNorsk Journalistlag (Norway)
NJNot Joking
NJNasojejunal (feeding tube)
NJNidec Corporation (Japan)
NJNorges Juristforbund (Norway)
NJNot Judgeable (skydiving competitions)
NJOccupation Postage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NJNapierville Junction Railway Company
References in classic literature ?
A nice job I had to get her away--a nice job to stop her from writing letters to you--a nice job to keep her here.
I hanna had a talk with you this long while, and the missis here wants you to see what can be done with her best spinning-wheel, for it's got broke, and it'll be a nice job to mend it--there'll want a bit o' turning.
At the beginning of the game I thought we did a nice job running the floor," Weber said.
Mitch did a nice job boxing out, did some nice rebounding, and played tough, hard-nosed, aggressive defense.
Welcome exceptions are William Galston, who does a nice job with the political wellsprings of contemporary education-policy differences, and attorney Paul Dimond, who shows how school choice advances the "democratic ideal of free common schools.
A well written story that is geared towards the mature reader, Simone does a nice job of raising our awareness on issues that have remained taboo in the Black community for far too long.
He did a nice job of explaining the difference between leadership and management and the important role of PM as leader.
The authors do a nice job of reviewing the informatics field at a high level, indicating where one may go for further information on any specific topic.
The authors did a nice job of presenting those problems as well as suggestions for addressing them in sensitive ways.
Just a brief note to tell you what a nice job BIBR did on the black gay literature features, "Out, No Doubt" and "Documenting a Black Gay and Lesbian Literary Canon," in the July-August 2004 issue.
Alan Culpepper does a nice job of describing the manager's action in the three possible scenarios and accessing the likelihood of each: (1) Continue on that path of irresponsibility, concluding the job in the same dishonest way.
The owners have done a nice job of creating a brand," says Moger, who admits he was disappointed when they decided not to press ahead with their expansion plans in 2001.