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N&JNick and Jessica (TV show)
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Nick and Jessica, 30, whose son Eddie is three, are in theEdd middle of a divorce.
NEWLYWEDS: Nick and Jessica Williams are now looking forward to the birth of their first baby
MTV's new celebrity docu-soap, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, is in the same vein as The Osbournes, however this new show is aimed at a slightly younger audience.
Newlyweds attempts to tap into a sense of family, as for instance, both Nick and Jessica make reluctant pilgrimages to their family homes for Christmas.
Following in the footsteps of the Osbournes the show, called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, will follow their first year of marriage at their five- bedroomed California mansion.
She WITH HIS EX Nick and Jessica tweeted the next day: "Finally recovered @TVChoice awards.
Nick and Jessica dated for three years, before getting hitched in a romantic ceremony in Rome back in September 2012, and now live together in Berkshire.
VOCAL: Jessica sings; HICKS FROM THE STICKS: Luke, Daisy and Bo; CHEEKY: Daisy seduces the Deputy; DEVOTED: Jessica and Nick; PRODUCT: Nick and Jessica dolls
Jessica recently won the role of Daisy Duke in the movie version of The Dukes of Hazzard, and after appearing in a Sonny and Cher style show called The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, she signed for four more specials - but without Nick.