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Mr Bill Molloy, vice president of the Nickel Development Institute, Europe, has been elected chairman of the Birmingham-based BRITISH STAINLESS STEEL ASSOCIATION.
Industry associations such as the Nickel Development Institute have been lobbying for more use of base metals by the manufacturing sector.
Other speakers included John Mortimer, Inductotherm Corp, who spoke about technological advances in induction melting, holding and pouring, and Warren Spear, Nickel Development Institute, who discussed austempered ductile iron, alloying, metallurgy and heat treating.
Published by the Nickel Development Institute. 2002.
Director of Occupational Health and the Environment for the International Nickel Company (Inco) based in Swansea, Sally has recently taken up a secondment as European Director of Health and Environment Affairs with the Nickel Development Institute.
That completely dwarfs it," Barry Waters, director of the Americas chapter of the Nickel Development Institute, Toronto, says.