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NiTiNickel titanium
NiTiNet Integration Technologies, Inc. (software developer)
NiTiNational Indian Telecommunications Institute (est. 1995; Santa Fe, NM)
NiTiNational Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure (US DOT)
NiTiNortheast Iowa Technical Institute (Calmar and Peosta, IA)
NiTiNon-Invasive Thermal Imaging
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Effects of three nickel titanium instrument systems on root canal geometry assessed by micro-computed tomography.
It is a resistant stainless steel or Nickel titanium arch wire bonded to a tooth colored epoxy coating.
The deal includes patents for the use of nickel titanium wire in fishing lures, trade marks, customer lists, inventories and some other assets.
The system can machine nitinol (nickel titanium), a memory alloy noted for being difficult to machine with precision and repeatability.
of Florida researchers relied on nickel titanium's unique properties to build a device that can move the equivalent of more than 45 kg.
This microscopic tool is possible because some nickel titanium alloys are what scientists call two-way shape-memory materials.
Stent attachment failures, fabric tears and leaks, and nitinol (nickel titanium naval ordinance laboratory) strut fractures appear with increasing frequency several years after surgery.
The key to nickel titanium's unusual property is temperature.
SMAs include copper aluminum nickel, copper zinc aluminum, iron manganese silicon, and nickel titanium. The most useful SMAs are based on a nominal composition of 50/50 atomic percent nickel titanium.
In vitro study of the torsional properties of new and used ProFile nickel titanium rotary files.