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A Fife social work management appeal hearing report in May 2006 found Nicol had a history of harassing behaviour.
Nicol, an alcoholic, had earlier admitted assaulting her to her severe injury and scarring her for life.
Nicol couldn't confirm an official start-up date, but says most of the investors group's research work on their proposal has been done.
One of the seven wonders of the world will be the backdrop to Nicol's farewell from the sport after 14 years among the elite, five of which have been spent as world number one.
'I have had a wonderful career in squash and have largely achieved all the goals I set myself, but I still feel I have two more titles in me,' said Nicol.
In the chilly Edinburgh spring of 1882, John Howell, a self-styled `polyartist' and bookbinder stumbled across the forlorn figure of Scottish-born sailor John Nicol, scrabbling the cobbled streets for coal.
As did his predecessor, former Editor-in-Chief Phil Heidelberger, Nicol sees special issues on focused topics as an important mechanism for shaping the content of the journal.
Nicol was principal of Fourah Bay College, Freetown (1960-67), vice-chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, and ambassador to the United Nations (UN).
Uruguay star Godin is about to start his ninth season at Atletico Madrid, and Nicol feels that the 32-year-old's experience would be an asset to Jurgen Klopp's side, who have been linked with Besiktas defender Domagoj Vida.
A few months later, Nicol was amazed when she took a call saying Pele had read the family's story on the ECHO's website and wanted to send them a signed shirt.
Nicol said a decision to bring in a partner would depend on whether the company would win the Cavite-Laguna Expressway PPP.
A missing person investigation was launched and extensive enquiries have been carried out to locate Mr Nicol. CCTV showed he had caught the 10.14am X18 bus from the Regent Centre in Gosforth, to Berwick.