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NBNota Bene (Latin: Note Well)
NBNew Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
NBNew Brunswick
NBMathematica Notebook (file extension)
NBNational Bank
NBNew Business (various locations)
NBNotice Board
NBNot Bad
NBNorth Bridge
NBNarrow Band
NBNotified Body (European Commission)
NBNew Building (various organizations)
NBNoord Brabant (Netherlands province)
NBNo Brainer
NBNon-Binding (chemistry)
NBNewsboys (band)
NBNorges Bank (Norway)
NBNo Base
NBNieuw Buinen (town in The Netherlands)
NBNo Ball
NBNude Beaches
NBNeighborhood Business
NBNeutral Buoyancy
NBNitrogen Balance
NBNewbreed (TFC Clan)
NBNotchback (automobile body style)
NBNominal Bore (internal diameter of a pipe/fitting)
NBNice Boys (Guns N' Roses song)
NBNightbreed (The Clan)
NBNo Brown (fish)
NBNon Billable
NBSterling European Airlines (airline code)
NBNew Bombay
NBNorth Bonneville (Washington)
NBNinja Burger (humor website)
NBNegative Burn (Quake 3 Clan)
NBNonabyte (1e+27 bytes)
NBNew Babylonian
NBNoisy Bus
NBNassif Building (Falls Church, Virginia)
NBNuclear Boiler
NBNordicbots (QuakeNet gaming)
NBOccupation Semipostal (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NBNoob Busters (gaming clan)
NBNon-Bound Application (insurance)
NBNaval Base
NBNew Braunfels (New Braunfels, Texas)
NBNorth Brookfield
NBNorth Bergen (New Jersey)
NBNeuberger Berman (asset management firm; est. 1939; various locations)
NBNorth Bend (Washington)
NBNational Bookstore (Philippines)
NBNight Below (fantasy novel)
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At 19, I got taken on for a low-budget film - Liverpool writer Clive Barker's horror film, Nightbreed - which was great because a lot of the actors were from Liverpool.
Hanich here comments on a broad selection of horror films and thrillers, including Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (McNaughton, 1986); Nightbreed (Barker, 1990); House of 1000 Corpses (Zombie, 2003); Unbreakable (Shyamalan, 2000); Angel Heart (Parker, 1987); Alien 3 (Fincher, 1992); Jacob's Ladder (Lyne, 1990); New Nightmare (Craven, 1994); Alien (Scott, 1979); Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960); Dressed to Kill (De Palma, 1980); The Silence of the Lambs (Demme, 1991); Halloween (Carpenter, 1978); Scream (Craven, 1996); and Alien: Resurrection (Jeunet, 1997).
Topping off the mix, Nightbreed & Sparfunk inject the filth with Arachnophobia while T.
Having found cult fame in the movies Nightbreed, Highlander and Star Wars: Episode One, the dashing Ghana-born star helped boost the ratings with his presence alone.
The CD release of Nightbreed (MCA MCAD 8037 [1990]) is long out of print, probably because the years have not been kind to the film's reputation.
His work has included major advertising campaigns, movie posters for films including John Carpenter's The Thing and Clive Barker's Nightbreed.
October 5, 1952 Clive Barker: artist, novelist, and creator of the Hellraiser and Candyman franchises, as well as Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions
Martinelli had just produced Clive Barker's Nightbreed, in which Cronenberg had a significant part as an actor.
Nightbreed will be based on the Hellraiser and Candyman writer's 1990 film of the same name, which was inspired by his 1988 novel Cabal.
Starred in a string of movies including Highlander and Nightbreed.
He appeared as Julius Caesar and Macbeth for the Royal Shakespeare Company, turned his hand to medical acting in TV series Surgical Spirit and Medics, and starred in a string of films including Highlander and Nightbreed.
Hellraiser, Candyman and Nightbreed author Clive Barker says: "I love my home city.