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NIGSNational Institute of Geological Sciences (Philippines)
NIGSNational Institute for Genealogical Studies (Canada)
NIGSNoise Insulation Grant Scheme (Ministry of Defence; UK)
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Die e im Bericht vorgelegte Klage bezieht sich auf eine Anfrage der Revaler an den schwedischen KAaAaAeA nig hinsichtlich der Einsetzung eines Fernhandelstape in Schweden.
Em marco de 2007, ao ingressar no doutorado, juntamente com pesquisadoras e pesquisadores do NIGS, Felipe passou a organizar atividades que vieram a definir seu projeto de doutorado.
diss., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1973), 188-89; and John Runcie, "'Hunting the Nigs' in Philadelphia: The Race Riot of August 1934," Pennsylvania History 39 (April 1972), 190-91; Bruce Laurie, Working People of Philadelphia, 1800-1850 (Philadelphia, 1990), 62; and Nash, Forging Freedom, 276.
The Education Review Office inspects schools every two to three years to check their compliance with legislation (including employment and health and safety) and with education regulations (known colloquially as the NIGS and NAGS).
Between 1832 and 1849 the tranquility of Philadelphia was shattered by "five major and numerous smaller interracial battles."|1~ White mobs called terrorizing the city's black population "hunting the nigs."|2~ As Roger Lane argued in his earlier book, Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900, antiblack violence in Philadelphia constituted a particular type of urban disorder.
So, for example, in the Dominican Republic the resistance was being carried out by the people whom Theodore Roosevelt had, during an earlier intervention, called "damned Dagoes,' or by "spiks,' "coons,' "nigs' in the terms that are regularly used to describe the people against whom we're defending ourselves, the perpetrators of "internal aggression.'
Along with other marshals, he ushered everyone out of the NIGS building and led us to the front yard for proper accounting.
And Nigs el Priestley said: "Choosing to put children into foster care because of the 'Yorkshire culture' is one of the most bizarre social services' decisions I have ever come across.
While some continental players would have happily put all thoughts of the 6-1 thrashingwhich Arsenal inflicted behind them the moment they pulled out of Goodison's car park on Saturday nigS ht, Fellaini's mood was as Blue as the shirt he wor e.
The foyers of St David's Hall in Cardiff - the venue for the Welsh Proms - will also be transformed into a casino for the nigs ht.
(37.) On Philadelphia race riots, see Nash, Forging Freedom, 273-76; John Runcie, "'Hunting the Nigs' in Philadelphia: The Race Riots of August 1834," Pennsylvania History 39 (1972): 187-218.
Fellow singer Moira dela Torre comforted Pascual, 'Sending you hugs, nigs. Someone's telling God about the joy you gave her here on earth.